Whether you are an individual artist or a Fortune 500 company, McGrath North can assist with all of your copyright needs, including:

  • Copyright registration
  • Licensing copyrighted materials
  • Advising regarding rapidly evolving online, mobile and digital environment in terms of content licensing and distribution, including user-generated content on social media
  • Assisting with due diligence, chain of title and security interest matters involved with mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions
  • Litigating claims to defend and protect copyright interests

Types of copyrighted works:

Software, data, on-line content, photograph, architectural drawings, music, pay-per-view shows

From traditional forms of copyrighted works to evolving forms of technologically created works McGrath North’s experienced copyright attorneys draw on their years of experience to partner with you to develop strategies to register, protect, commercialize and enforce your copyrighted works.

Representative Services:

  • Manage the worldwide trademark portfolio of a global engineered products and services company whose trademark portfolio includes more than 300 registrations/applications spanning more than 60 countries.
  • Represent clients’ interests in domain name dispute proceedings resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients, including cases in which we were successful in transferring domain name registrations to our clients when our client’s trademarks were registered as domain names by others.  Likewise, when our clients’ ownership of domain name registrations is threatened, we have successfully prevented the transfer of our clients’ domain name registrations to others.
  • Successfully litigate and settle a trademark dispute against an out-of-state competitor who used Internet contacts to reach in-state customers of our client.
  • Analyze and advise client on right of publicity issues related to the client’s on-line posting of photos taken at a promotional event hosted by a national publishing and entertainment company.



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