H-1B Visas Can Be Filed on April 1


h-1bvisa123124324Although no new H-1B visas will be issued prior to October 1, 2014, new H-1B visa applications can be filed as of April 1, 2014. The importance of that filing date is that the 65,000 visa cap was reached in calendar 2013 four days after the filing began! It is a good idea to “get in line” on April 1, or as soon as possible after that date!

An H-1B visa is one which applies to an applicant who has at least a bachelor’s degree and is seeking a job in the field in which they have the bachelor’s degree, which job requires such a degree. In addition, there are also advanced degree visas, 18,000 in number, for those applicants who have master’s degrees or above.

Employers who are contemplating the filing of an H-1B visa which, again, would not be available until the start of the fiscal 2015 year on October 1, should contact their immigration attorney as soon as possible, to help facilitate the filing of the petition on or as close to April 1, 2014 as possible.

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