Insurance Litigation – Coverage and Defense

“Our clients with insurance issues seek to minimize their financial exposure related to loss events or to transfer the exposure risk to some other insurer or entity.”

The financial risks associated with insurance coverage and insurance defense litigation can be substantial, especially for smaller companies faced with a catastrophic loss that threatens the ongoing viability of the business. At McGrath North, we offer the expertise and resources to assist you in reaching a successful litigated or negotiated resolution to a multitude of increasingly complex insurance issues. Our experienced lawyers will advocate on your behalf to provide a cost-effective, focused litigation strategy that minimizes your financial exposure while representing your interests and objectives in the courtroom when necessary.

Industry Experience: General liability, auto liability, products liability, property loss and business interruption, professional errors and omissions, directors and officers insurance, liability, property, casualty and workers’ compensation litigation.

If you are considering seeking advice from counsel, here is what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • Early consultation and case coordination with an experienced insurance litigator is critical to the adoption of a winning litigation strategy that will be persuasive to a jury.
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