Professional Liability Litigation

“Malpractice and similar claims call the professional’s reputation into question, so protecting the client’s good name is often the predominant concern.”

Malpractice and similar claims against professionals represent more than a financial risk to those involved. Professional reputation and standing in the community are also primary concerns that extend beyond monetary liability, which is typically covered by insurance. At McGrath North, we are attuned to these concerns and to the unique relationship that our professional clients have with their  insurance carriers when it comes to liability issues. That’s why our professional defense team involves both the client and carrier in negotiating early settlements or when developing a litigation strategy and budget to defend against unavoidable claims. Given our many years of successfully representing professional clients against substantial monetary claims, we offer the in-depth experience necessary to resolve whatever liability issues are encountered in your specific profession.

Industry Experience: Malpractice, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty claims, fraud or negligent misrepresentation claims.

If you are considering seeking advice from counsel, here is what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • You want to seek legal assistance immediately upon receiving any indication that your client may assert a claim against you.
  • You want to involve your insurance carrier when developing a litigation strategy.
  • You want to consider an early settlement strategy to avoid malpractice and similar claims.
  • You want to choose a defense team with the necessary experience to successfully defend your claims.
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