Bogus Job References and Funeral Excuses Are Available On-line!

by Steve Bogue

Bogue, A. Stevenson
(402) 341-3070

Although fraud on a resume has always been a problem, Internet companies are now going one step further and brazenly offering to provide false job references from nonexistent companies, false landlord references and even fake funeral excuses. . .for a price.

Checking references on resumes or on job applications is a tedious exercise. However, Internet companies such as are now advertising, in the open, their ability to provide a job reference either from one of their “established virtual companies,” even though those companies are not real. They even allow the user to create their very own company for purposes of providing a job reference, under its “premium plan.” As a part of their service, they promise to have their employees “verify” the user’s name, job title, job description, work dates and “answer any questions with a positive reference in a professional, businesslike manner.”

But it doesn’t stop there. On that same website funeral excuses are offered for a mere $35. The heading of that section of the website is: “Need a vacation and can’t get one? We can help you change that problem!” They promise to have a “real funeral home” with a real address, real website and real 800 phone number. They also promise to email the user every time someone calls.

The lesson is clear: the process of pre-employment reference checks, or even leave confirmation has entered a new age, and employers must be more diligent than ever.

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