2016 Triumph of Ag Expo

Luke Holst

Speaking Dates: March 9 and March 10
Speaking Time: 1:00—2:00 pm CST, on both days

Seminar Room #2
CenturyLink Center
10th & Cass
Omaha, NE

McGrath North attorneys Luke Holst will present at the 2016 Triumph of Ag Expo on “Innovations in Agriculture: How to Protect your Intellectual Property and Name Brand Reputation.”

In this seminar patent attorney Luke Holst will discuss legal issues associated with emerging technologies in the agriculture industry, such as drone use and who owns farm data.  Holst will further explain the patenting process and how to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets.  Trademark and copyright attorney will discuss ways to protect your brand name and how to resolve ownership issues of copyrightable work that may arise from the use of independent contractors.

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