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Goodman Discusses Career Building for Professionals at Women in Banking Conference

McGrath North shareholder Lauren Goodman served as one of the small group of speakers at the Nebraska Banker’s Association’s Women in Banking Conference held October 19-20, 2022, which was attended by over 110 women from across the state of Nebraska. The conference focused on the theme of women empowerment in the industry. 

Lauren, who is chair of McGrath North’s Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditor Rights group, spoke on career development for women in the financial services industry in her presentation entitled: “Own It. Build It. Share It”. Lauren shared her personal journey from rural Iowa, to CPA, to lawyer, all culminating in her current leadership role at the firm. 

“I very much appreciated the opportunity to discuss the challenges that many face when pursuing their careers, particularly those in leadership. One of the most beneficial ways that women can help each other is through a solid support network. Going forward, I hope to continue this important discussion and that all organizations continue to strive to promote the advancement of women." 

The keynote speaker was Dima Ghawi, a Jordanian American award-winning author, Ted Talk speaker and leadership coach who shared her personal journey of immigration. Additional presentations focused on the importance of self-evaluation as part of career building; the key subtle mannerisms that can be “tells” on your strength and confidence; the “superstar” mindset and how it can fuel success; the value of surrounding ourselves with positive influences; and how hope with optimism can start us down the path to success.