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Individuals and entities engaged in the manufacturing industry face a variety of legal issues on a routine basis, including supply and procurement relationships, intellectual property development and protection, product warranties, customer and supplier delays and disputes, regulatory compliance and employee matters.

When combined with the day to day focus required to operate a successful and profitable business in an environment with changing regulations and an expanding scope of competition, our manufacturing clients require a more than a lawyer – they need a legal partner.

At McGrath North, we pride ourselves on understanding the business and operations of our manufacturing clients so that we can quickly provide practical and efficient advice to meet their needs and proactively identify potential challenges and opportunities. Our manufacturing clients consist of Fortune 500 entities, family businesses and entrepreneurs that manufacture a range of products and devices including agricultural equipment, utility and energy structures, automotive parts and accessories, construction machinery, metal and steel, poles, tubing, and flooring among others. Many of our longest standing client relationships are with clients in the manufacturing industry, and we take particular pride in applying our knowledge in the manufacturing industry to both existing and new clients.

At McGrath North we also have a broad range of practice areas with experienced attorneys that enable us to provide comprehensive counsel to our manufacturing clients.