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Natural Resources - Renewables

Navigating through the federal, state and local laws governing natural resources and renewable energy is challenging.  

At  McGrath North we are experienced in working with businesses, consultants and regulatory agencies to obtain permits, develop mitigation plans when needed, and create alternative approaches to projects that minimize environmental impacts with respect to natural resources. We offer our clients expertise with projects such as real estate developments that have the potential to impact wetlands, habitat for endangered or protected species, or other natural resources. We advise our clients on projects that consume natural resources such as water for manufacturing or processing. And with our broad base of related legal services, we assist with other issues such as construction contracts and financing. 

For renewables, we advise clients on all legal issues that impact projects for energy production and other products.  These projects include ethanol plants, biodiesel plants, wind energy farms, biogas production/utilization and algae projects.

If you’re considering seeking advice from counsel, here’s what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • You want to consider natural resource issues early on in a project.
  • You want legal counsel that understands the deadlines you face and who will act expeditiously and creatively on your behalf.
  • You want a firm that offers a blend of legal resources to meet your project’s needs.