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Nebraska Tax Incentive Briefing: Whether to Deploy the Grandfather

10.26.2020  |  1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants Webinar

Governor Ricketts and the Nebraska Legislature have just provided a strong, timely and helpful new Tax Incentive Platform. The 2020 Imagine Nebraska Act was enacted August 17, 2020 (effective January 1, 2021). While this “replaces” the 2005 Nebraska Advantage Act, in fact the State of Nebraska has given companies a big choice. For a limited period of time (through December 31, 2020), you can actually choose which Tax Incentive Platform is best for you.

With that in mind, we have prepared this Nebraska Tax Incentive Briefing course. Based on 30+ years of working with Nebraska Business and Economic Development Leaders to design and draft these Tax Incentive Platforms, we want Business Leaders and Advisors to be aware that each Platform has different strengths, due to compromises needed to achieve enactment. Depending upon the specific situation of your company or your clients, one Platform may be significantly better for you than the other.

• For private practice CPAs - A sample Letter that you can use to quickly inform your clients
• For in-house CPAs – A sample Memo that you can use to quickly inform your CEO
• A quick 5 question checklist you can use with your clients or your CEO to decide if they should more closely consider the Nebraska Advantage Grandfather Opportunity
• A quick way to calculate the incentive value under both the Nebraska Advantage Act and Imagine Nebraska Act
• Uncovering the critical business, legal and financial issues before you apply

Who Should Attend: All CPAs who advise Nebraska companies and all CPAs employed at Nebraska companies which may be considering an expansion.