10th Annual Seminar For Accounting Professionals

McGrath North hosted the 10th Annual Seminar for Accounting Professionals at the First National Tower Conference Center on November 5, 2015 .

Topics and Presenters:

  • M&A for the CPA – Roger Wells & Tom Worthington
  • Loan Basics: A Primer for CPA’s – Rob Diederich
  • Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges – Lee Hamann & Austin Bradley
  • The Basics of Patent Protection – Luke Holst
  • New Developments and Practice Pointers for State Taxes and Incentives – Nick Niemann
  • Assessing and Addressing Cyber Risk: Proactive Strategies for Business – Tom Kelley
  • The Critical Requirements Necessary for Effective Discount Planning and the Impact of New IRS Rules on Discount Strategies – Matt Ottemann
  • Working with Potential Litigation in Mind – Pat Brookhouser & Lauren Goodman
  • What to Expect with the New Wage and Hour Exempt Status and New Independent Contractor Regulations – Abbey Moland & Ruth Horvatich
  • Common Retirement Plan Errors and Correction Opportunities – Joan Cannon, Peter Langdon
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