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Our firm’s core guidepost is excellence with integrity, and we are committed to pursuing and rewarding excellence each day, in every way.

This commitment applies to our own teams, and to how we work with every client and your team members. No exceptions. No excuses.

Because achieving excellence within our firm and for our clients requires hard work around clearly stated expectations, the McGrath North team is 100% committed to the following standards in working with our own colleagues and in serving all of our clients:

  1. We will treat our team and every representative of your team with genuine respect, and we will work hard to earn the same from you.

  2. We will invest our time to know your business and your team, so we can build long-term partnerships that fully leverage the talents of both of our organizations.

  3. We will be relentless in our representation of you.

  4. We will constantly listen to your needs and concerns, propose creative and practical solutions that help meet your business and financial goals, and then work with you based on our mutually agreed plans.

  5. We will be open and candid regarding anticipated and ongoing project fees, risks, matter developments, and possible outcomes.

  6. We will be highly accessible and responsive to meet your business needs, and always staff and handle matters to maximize the value proposition to your business.

  7. We will stand with you to celebrate our mutual successes and to work through the challenging moments and defeats – simply, we will be there with you.

  8. We will encourage and welcome your candid evaluation of our work and effectiveness in meeting these commitments and high standards, and we will act on your input to constantly improve our service to you. We want open and frank communication between us, even when it is difficult.

  9. We will listen to and invest in our own team of both lawyers and staff, as well as in our business systems, including technology, so we can meet our commitment to professional excellence in an ever evolving legal and business environment.

  10. We will keep working hard to develop our culture to value differences, and to enthusiastically support team members from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences, so we can be more creative, more connective, and more effective professionals.

These commitments are not hollow marketing statements. Instead, they are incorporated into all of our business decisions, into our recruiting, into our training, and into our evaluation of the performance of all of our team members. 

Simply, these commitments are McGrath North.