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Business Succession, Exit and Shareholder Planning

Our clients who have been successful in building and operating their businesses want to be equally successful in achieving a well-planned succession and future exit.

Exiting successfully from a closely held or family business requires comprehensive planning that takes into account specific internal and external personal, financial and business objectives. Specific steps must be taken over a period of time by a business owner, his or her management team and trusted advisors. At McGrath North, we have designed the specific actions that must be taken at the right times during the business owner’s tenure. Applying the business, legal and tax insights of our network of affiliated professionals, we work with business owners around the country on planning for and executing a successful transition and exit from their closely held or family business. Our pre-exit assessment provides business owners and our advisors a framework for achieving a successful business owner transition.

Industry Experience: Successful business owner Succession and Exit Planning results in many business sectors and industries across the country, including Consumer Product Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing, Business Services, Food and Beverage, Construction, Engineering, Health Care, Agribusiness, Real Estate, Distribution, Financial Services, Professional Services, Technology, Retail, Human Resources, Franchise and Consumer Services.

As you plan and execute on these matters, we suggest you keep the following in mind:

  • You want legal counsel who understand the personal, financial and business dynamics of successfully exiting from a closely held or family business.
  • You want legal counsel who offer the business, legal and tax expertise required for Succession and Exit Planning.