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“Franchisors are challenged by a myriad of federal and state statutes and regulations, while franchisees are confronted by legal issues involving the purchase of the franchise, disclosure documents, leasing and purchasing agreements and employee relations.” 

Failure to comply with applicable statutes and regulations can result in significant liability for franchisors, while potential franchisees sometimes have difficulty understanding the risks and liabilities of a particular franchise opportunity.  At McGrath North, our franchise and distribution practice offers an extensive range of legal services to both our franchisor and franchisee clients.

Our franchisor clients can benefit from our advice in developing a system for selling and maintaining franchises that complies with applicable law while avoiding legal pitfalls and damage to their brand.  Franchisors can also benefit from our experience with negotiating, litigating, mediating and arbitrating franchise disputes.

Prospective franchisees can benefit from our expertise in identifying legal risks and liabilities and negotiating the best deal with the franchisor.  Existing franchisees can also benefit from our experience in expanding their franchise holdings, resolving disputes with a franchisor in the context of applicable franchise laws or in negotiating an early end to a franchise relationship.