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Fair Credit Reporting

We deliver our clients clear advice on the proper use of credit reports. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), passed by Congress in 1970 and amended over a several year period, imposes expanded obligations on creditors and credit reporting agencies (CRAs).  Refinements contained in these amendments address perceived defects in the credit reporting system, which threaten consumers with severe economic disruption due to denied credit or accessibility to housing loans.  McGrath North offers a wealth of experience in working with FCRA rules that apply to the use of credit reports.  Our experienced legal advisors can assist creditors and CRAs through the regulatory maze surrounding the FCRA and avoid the significant economic consequences that can result from failing to meet their obligations.

Representative Matters:

  • Analyzed and advised major regional retailer on FCRA issues pertaining to operations
  • Assisted client with serious identity theft problems and helped restore client’s credit rating
  • Assisted client in resolving outstanding consumer and non-consumer debts and in restoring client’s credit rating