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UCC and Secured Transactions

“Our clients expect us to be direct, economical, efficient and offer advice that will improve their position.” 

Every business, from the one-man shop to the multinational conglomerate, is affected by the rules of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which consists of uniform rules that affect commercial transactions such as sales, negotiable instruments and secured transactions.  Given the complexity of business transactions and the sometimes conflicting ways and always complex rules of the UCC, businesses rely on our UCC and secured transaction expertise to navigate the risks and benefits associated with the application of the UCC.  Our understanding of the UCC, and backed by a total package of legal services, enables us to confidently assist our clients in navigating the UCC by advising them on the potential risks, benefits and cost associated with a particular course of action.  By minimizing their risk, our clients are able to chart an informed course to reach their ultimate goals.

Representative Matters

  • Drafting and review of loan documentation to ensure proper compliance with the UCC
  • Drafting and review of warranty provisions of personal property transactions compliant with the UCC, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and other state and federal law
  • Drafting and review of commodity, grain, livestock and other commercial goods contracts for specific transactions and routine use
  • Litigation of grain contract dispute between farmers and cooperatives
  • Litigation of all types of lien, security interest, mortgage and deed of trust disputes, including multi-million dollar construction lien and agricultural lien litigation
  • Arbitration of grain contract disputes before the National Grain and Feed Association, National Soybean Oil Seed Producer’s Association, American Arbitration Association and other tribunals