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Labor Law (Negotiations; Elections; Arbitrations)

Each client we work with is unique, as is the particular labor challenge, so we tailor and personalize our services to meet each situation.

Labor laws affect most, if not all, employers including small businesses, large corporations and entrepreneurs alike. These laws involve a broad range of issues, from collective bargaining negotiations, to grievances and arbitrations, to defending against unfair labor practice charges, to developing and implementing strategies for lawful union avoidance. Given the scope and complexity of labor issues that can affect your company, even if there is no union present, you need to engage experienced counsel with Labor Law expertise. At McGrath North, we represent companies that wish to remain nonunion, as well as businesses that have collective bargaining agreements and relationships with unions. Whatever the challenge, our experts in the field of Labor Law will keep you fully advised of how best to resolve current labor challenges so you can make informed decisions that are in the best interest of your company and employees.

Industry Experience:  Manufacturing, Insurance, Health Care, Service Industries, Retail, Logistics, Education, Construction, Food Processing, Agribusiness, and all levels of the public sector.

If you are considering seeking advice from counsel, here is what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • Early intervention can make all the difference. Staying ahead of the game is essential when faced with organizing a campaign or negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Contact experienced Labor counsel early to enhance your chances of a favorable outcome of any labor dispute.
  • Employment law expertise does not necessarily include Labor Law experience. Make sure you ask about Labor Law expertise.
  • Insist on being informed throughout the process to resolve any labor issues.

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