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Commodity Litigation

The risks associated with commodity transactions can escalate quickly given credit issues and a rapidly changing market, and our commodity clients expect practical and experience-based counsel to help promptly resolve disputes and related issues.

Relationships and transactions involving commodities can be inherently risky, making it critical for those involved to act promptly and effectively should the underlying relationships or transactions begin to unravel.  In that instance, McGrath North has the experience to advise our clients regarding and during arbitration and litigation proceedings.  When disputes or credit issues arise between parties to a commodity transaction, our attorneys work to resolve the situation without the delay or expense of litigation, while at the same time positioning the matter in a manner most favorable to our clients in the event that the matter cannot be resolved short of litigation.  Our lawyers are familiar with the dynamics of the commodity marketplace and have the experience and resources to represent our clients in commodity disputes.

If you are considering seeking advice from counsel, here is what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • Commodity settlements are given unique treatment in bankruptcy scenarios, which is important to understand from a risk standpoint.
  • Commodity litigation and arbitration proceedings are often governed by association rules and regulations, and your counsel should be familiar with the interplay and involvement of these rules and regulations.
  • You want experienced legal representation with the ability to respond rapidly to the dynamics of the commodities industry.