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Complex Litigation

The key to complex litigation is to make it simple.

Complex litigation usually involves novel legal issues, complicated facts requiring sophisticated expert testimony, and legal motions that could end the case before trial.

Successful arguments in complex litigation should not seem complex.  Rather, a successful argument should begin with things that a judge and jury already know to be true and should teach them step-by-step about the case so that they conclude it is obvious why your side should win.

Success in complex litigation requires working with clients and experts to develop a deep understanding of the key facts. There also is no substitute for hard work to identify the key legal arguments.

No one can succeed in complex litigation without that detailed preparation, but the preparation is not enough.  What separates the winners from the losers in complex litigation is boiling all of the possible arguments and facts down to demonstrate why the crucial facts, common sense, and the governing legal principles lead to the conclusion that your side should prevail.

Just as a business person works to boil complex business strategies down to a straightforward elevator pitch, McGrath North’s attorneys work with our clients to turn complex legal cases into focused, persuasive explanations of why our clients should win.