Eminent Domain and Condemnation

“McGrath North represents entities with the authority of eminent domain and private landowners whose property is needed for a public project. ”

McGrath North’s real estate lawyers and litigators have extensive experience representing parties on both sides of eminent domain cases. We assist entities with eminent domain powers when they are constructing pipeline and utility infrastructure projects or when they need to acquire property to construct local public improvements. We also represent private property owners to ensure they receive just compensation for the land or rights being taken by eminent domain. Our varying and in-depth experience allows us to provide you with practical, results-driven advice, whether you’re planning large acquisition projects, dealing with regulatory compliance requirements under eminent domain, or trying to protect your property rights when confronted with the eminent domain process. We will assist you throughout pre-acquisition negotiations, as well as aggressively represent you throughout the litigation process, if that becomes necessary.

Representative Matters:

  • Served as Nebraska Counsel for international pipeline projects
  • Represented industrial facility whose property was taken by City of Omaha for highway expansion project
  • Represented natural gas company during acquisitions of Nebraska property
  • Represent Sanitary and Improvement District in acquisition of property to construct wastewater lagoon


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