Governmental Affairs

“McGrath North attorneys understand that some of the most important times for our clients involve disputes with governmental agencies.”

Disputes with governmental agencies sometimes call for diplomatic finesse and sometimes call for aggressive advocacy.  The key is to know which approach fits the case.

McGrath North’s attorneys understand that when a client has a dispute with a governmental agency, it is vital to quickly work with the client to map out a strategy that is precisely tailored to meet the client’s objectives.  Once that strategy is set, it is equally important to focus on proactive execution of the strategy to avoid having a governmental investigation or enforcement action linger unnecessarily.

Often, governmental disputes arise at the same time as related lawsuits involving private parties.  In those cases, McGrath North’s attorneys work with their clients to develop an integrated plan for resolving all of the disputes.

Planning, preparation, and understanding a client’s objectives are always important, but they are never more important than when a government agency is conducting an investigation or enforcement action.” 

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