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White Collar Defense and Investigations

The initiation of a governmental investigation is often unexpected, and when it suddenly is commenced it can have a profound impact on a company’s employees, operation, and reputation.

McGrath North lawyers have years of experience in advising clients from the start of the investigation through its various possible end points. We know the critical importance of setting the most effective strategy beginning from the execution of a search warrant on the company’s place of business or the issuance of a subpoena for documents or testimony.  We have routinely represented both companies and individuals who have been called before a grand jury or other governmental agencies.  That representation has either led to a resolution of the allegations or a successful defense. 

What stands out about McGrath North is our ability to match this experience with our other specialty areas of practice, whether that be environmental, tax, anti-trust, securities or agricultural and food law.  Our understanding of these areas and experience in a broad range of industries, positions our team to be day-one ready to protect our clients’ interests. Clients also value the experience of McGrath North in dealing with the collateral consequences that may arise as a result of the investigation, which might include civil litigation or debarment.

In addition, many times allegations of wrongdoing will come to the attention of companies in the form of whistle blower or customer complaints.  While keeping the allegations confidential, such allegations should be thoroughly and expeditiously investigated by outside counsel.  McGrath North lawyers have conducted scores of such investigations for both large and small companies and provided competent and professional advice as to how management should respond, and many times have recommended the implementation of remedial programs.