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Acquisitions and Sales

Our clients expect knowledgeable legal counsel, aggressive representation, and an attention to detail sufficient to ensure that everything proceeds according to schedule during real estate acquisition and sales transactions.

Managing critical time constraints and other issues that often accompany complex, highly technical real estate transactions requires specialized legal resources. At McGrath North, our real estate attorneys offer extensive practical experience across a range of transactions involving single-family residential properties, multi-site commercial real estate and agricultural enterprises. Our network of related practice areas can assist you with legal issues involving multiple disciplines such as mergers and acquisitions, financing and related litigation. With decades of expertise in real estate acquisitions and sales, we’re able to add significant, tangible value by identifying potential issues in the early stages of the transaction and structuring cost-effective solutions.

If you are considering seeking advice from counsel, here is what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • You want to bring legal counsel into a transaction as early as possible.
  • You want legal counsel that has significant and current expertise in real property acquisitions.
  • You want legal advisors who are responsive and communicate with you in a timely fashion throughout the life cycle of the transaction.