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Estate and Trust Administration

Corporate fiduciaries require counsel concerning effectively and quickly administering the estate or trust in a tax-effective way while minimizing conflict among family members.

The role of a fiduciary in estate or trust administration can be challenging both from a legal and emotional perspective. Operating under the umbrella of fiduciary law, these professionals are charged with interpreting the governing document for the will or trust, while managing complex tax planning issues and dealing with family dynamics and conflicts. For more than 60 years, McGrath North has assisted families and professional fiduciaries in bringing the estate or trust administration process to a close quickly, cost effectively and with the least amount of emotional conflict among beneficiaries. As advisors, we assist our fiduciary clients and beneficiaries in minimizing the tax liabilities of the estate or trust and in mediating the emotional conflicts among beneficiaries that can impede the process.

Industry Experience: Estate settlements, trust administration and wills.

If you are considering seeking advice from counsel, here is what we suggest you keep in mind:

  • You want to establish whether your legal counsel has significant expertise in estate and trust administration to advise you.
  • You want to choose a counsel with experience in identifying and resolving complicated tax issues related to estates and trusts.
  • You want to seek legal advisors with experience in managing the conflicts that can often arise among estate and trust beneficiaries.