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Privacy is Power: Episode 2 - Papering Compliance: Understanding and Negotiating Data Privacy Agreements

Whether required by U.S. or international law, or simply a best practice, data privacy and security agreements are key when sharing data. Additionally, these types of agreements are often thought to be form documents that are non-negotiable. However, recent privacy law developments have made clear that review and negotiation of privacy agreements is more important than ever as these agreements are often used to not only ensure legal compliance between the parties, but also to shift legal liability and risk, including with respect to regulatory compliance, data incidents and mitigation efforts. It is in every organizations’ best interest to properly protect its data from improper disclosure, and best practices suggest that organizations should be mindful of every disclosure of its proprietary, confidential information to ensure it is entering into appropriate privacy agreements that adequately safeguard the data from improper use, disclosure and retention.

Click here to watch Stacey and Caroline walk through a general overview of the different types of data privacy agreements and why they are important.

Episode 2: Papering Compliance: Understanding and Negotiating Data Privacy Agreements