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2011 Nebraska Energy Plan

The Nebraska Energy Office has recently released the 2011 Nebraska Energy Plan. According to the Energy Office, over the last decade Nebraska’s total expenditures on energy have more than doubled reaching $9.1 billion in 2008.  Energy Office Director Ginger Willson emphasizes:  “Effective management of the costs within our control is a key to maintaining a competitive advantage when it comes to regional energy prices.”

The 2011 Nebraska Energy Plan identifies three broad objectives and strategies for each objective:

Objective:  Ensure access to affordable and reliable energy for Nebraskans to use responsibility.

  • Continue support of Nebraska’s unique public power system
  • Increase opportunities for demand-side energy management and energy efficiencies
  • Maximize the investment in Nebraska’s coal plants
  • Expand Nebraska’s nuclear power generation capacity
  • Increase opportunities for industrial and municipal waste-to-energy projects
  • Optimize the use of Nebraska’s water resources for hydroelectric power generation
  • Improve Municipal water and wastewater management strategies and water quality

Objective: Advance implementation and innovation of renewable energy in the state

  • Continue building Nebraska’s wind energy through public-private partnerships
  • Increase opportunities for methane recovery from agricultural and community biomass resources
  • Increase opportunities for woody biomass in Nebraska
  • Support distributed generation of renewable technologies

Objective: Reduce Petroleum consumption in Nebraska’s transportation sector

  • Increase ethanol production, blended and delivered across Nebraska and to markets outside the state
  • Increase development and use of other alternative fuels
  • Diversify and expand opportunities for renewable diesel in Nebraska

The success of the 2011 Nebraska Energy Plan will depend on the actions taken, by the Energy Office, utilities and industry, to implement its objectives and strategies.