Posting Date For Employee Rights Poster Delayed Again

by Steve Bogue

Bogue, A. Stevenson
(402) 341-3070

In previous Alerts, we discussed the new rule issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requiring most private employers to post in the workplace a notice of employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The rule contains a full list of employee rights, including the right to join a union, to bargain collectively and to act together to improve wages and conditions of employment, etc.  It also contains examples of unlawful conduct by employers and unions and informs employees how to contact the NLRB.  Because of a legal challenge to these requirements, the actual date of posting was delayed from November 14, 2011 until January 31, 2012.  As a result of a request by a U.S. District Court Judge related to ongoing litigation seeking to block the rule, the NLRB has again postponed the posting date, this time until April 30, 2012.

The NLRB website, from which the poster may be downloaded and printed, is at

Should there be further developments with respect to the posting date, we will make such information immediately available to our Newsletter and Alert recipients.


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