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Privacy is Power - Episode 7: Getting Certified

Data protection certifications are a great way to give your organization an edge against your competitors when it comes to scoring new clients and proving up your data privacy and security compliance. However, understanding all the different certifications available and which certifications will provide the most value for organization can be tricky. This month, Stacey Shadden and Caroline Pieper discuss the most common types of certifications and how they can be beneficial for your organization as you consider getting certified! ... READ MORE


Privacy is Power - Episode 6: Don't Click the Link! The Importance of Employee Privacy Training

This month’s episode of Privacy is Power focuses on the importance of employee privacy and security training. Reports show that as many as 90% of breaches start from social engineering or phishing attacks that an organization’s technical security solutions can’t protect against. Training an organization’s workforce who handle sensitive data will have an immediate impact on an organization’s level of data security, and not properly training the workforce can be costly and detrimental. Don’t trust that employees know how to properly protect data or implement proper procedure, reach out to McGrath North’s Privacy and Cybersecurity team today to create a tailored training guide to efficiently ensure employees know proper protocol.  ... READ MORE


Privacy is Power - Episode 5: Top 5 Data Privacy and Security Topics In The News

2021 is already heating up with privacy and security regulatory changes. Congress is getting closer to federal legislation, regulatory agencies are finding ways to get involved and the first national cyber director in history was sworn in by the White House. Check out this month’s episode of Privacy is Power to get up to speed on the top 5 newsworthy data privacy and security topics to help your organization implement updates and prepare for future changes in the world of data privacy and security. ... READ MORE


Privacy is Power - Episode 4: The Next Normal: Privacy Considerations for Return to Work

As the pandemic continues to wind down and vaccines are more widely distributed, employers are bringing employees back to work and may be collecting or accessing data through the use of vaccine cards, temperature checks, COVID-19 screening questions, workplace monitoring apps, and more. Join us for Episode 4, where we discuss not only the data privacy considerations associated with bringing employees back to work, but also the labor and employment considerations. This month, a guest speaker from McGrath North’s labor and employment group, Cody Brookhouser-Sisney, joins Caroline and Stacey for a panel discussion. ... READ MORE


Privacy is Power - Episode 3: Back to the Basics - Creating Data Privacy and Security Policies and Implementing Procedures

Companies often overlook creating sound internal and external data privacy and security policies. Even if those policies are drafted as a matter or course, internal and external policies are often not properly implemented in a way to maximize their use and ensure ease of application by a Company's personnel. The goal of this video blog is to allow listeners to gain a basic understanding of recommended data privacy and security policies for all organizations (no matter size or industry) and introduce key concepts to keep in mind when implementing procedures to comply with internal and external policies. ... READ MORE


Privacy is Power: Episode 2 - Papering Compliance: Understanding and Negotiating Data Privacy Agreements

Whether required by U.S. or international law, or simply a best practice, data privacy and security agreements are key when sharing data. Additionally, these types of agreements are often thought to be form documents that are non-negotiable. However, recent privacy law developments have made clear that review and negotiation of privacy agreements is more important than ever as these agreements are often used to not only ensure legal compliance between the parties, but also to shift legal liability and risk, including with respect to regulatory compliance, data incidents and mitigation efforts. It is in every organizations’ best interest to properly protect its data from improper disclosure, and best practices suggest that organizations should be mindful of every disclosure of its proprietary, confidential information to ensure it is entering into appropriate privacy agreements that adequately safeguard the data from improper use, disclosure and retention. ... READ MORE


Privacy is Power: Episode 1 - The Anatomy of a Data Breach Response

Privacy and cybersecurity legal requirements are changing rapidly. Organizations across the globe struggle with identifying what legal rules and best practices should be implemented across their organization. ... READ MORE